Delivering high-quality, fresh editing to authors, scholars and publishers

What if you could see your writing through the eyes of your most honest, thorough and attentive reader? One whose insights are offered in a spirit of collaboration, while there’s still time to adjust it and make it better?

I’m Owen Gregory, a professional independent line editor and copy editor providing services to writers and publishers. I edit creative nonfiction, academic scholarship, literary fiction, and all kinds of other writing.

Working with an editor doesn’t have to be nail-biting or embarrassing. Neither should it be done casually. Your words are important. You need someone who can amplify your intent without imposing a voice, vision, or point of view that isn’t yours. Someone to steer you clear of problems and confusion and dullness. Someone who understands the balance between acknowledging the words you’ve written and recognizing that some ought to change.

Working together, we can polish out the flaws in your manuscript, discover the great sentences hidden inside your good ones, and keep your readers reading.

Line editing

Addresses the creative content, writing style, and the way you use language to tell your story, sentence by sentence.

Copy editing

Focuses on and checks the detail of your text: grammar, spelling and punctuation; facts, quotations and references.